EL'S BREW- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend, Handcrafted General and Conditioning Use 4oz.
EL'S BREW- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend, Handcrafted General and Conditioning Use 4oz.

EL'S BREW- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend, Handcrafted General and Conditioning Use 4oz.

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's - EL's Brew- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend, 4oz.


Red Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow, Stinging Nettle, Lavender, Comfrey Root, Marshmallow Root, Hibiscus, Dandelion Root

Herbal Vaginal Douching is an ancient holistic practice in many cultures that utilize infusions of herbs as a treatment for many vaginal concerns such as:

Natural and from Nature created to work synergistically with the body and the Reproductive System

Reduces Uterine Fibroids and Cysts, Heals and Tones the Reproductive System, Regulate Monthly Menstrual Cycle, Improves Blood Flow for Scanty Periods

Builds Nutrient Rich Blood that Feeds the Organs and Bones of the Reproductive System, Strengthens the Uterus and Reproductive Organs,

Directly Cleanse the Cervix and the Vagina, Restores Vaginal pH Balance, Strengthen Vaginal Walls

Using Herbs and Clean Water (Distilled) Feeds and Balance the Good Bacteria while minimize the Bad Bacteria, Naturally works with the Body and the Reproductive System.

Vaginal Douching and Steaming opens the vagina, freeing it of old dry blood, semen,  stale discharge and synthetic feminine hygiene products to receive a better sexual experience, better libido, an overall better vaginal feeling, improved implantation and better monthly cycles.

Our Douche and Steams are Organic, Preservative-free Handblended and Handcrafted by our Trained and Licensed Herbalist. The General /Conditioning Formula contains essential healing and nutrient-rich herbs achieved through Douching/Enema and Steaming; Our Formula consist of: 

Red Raspberry Leaf:  mild astringent tones and strengthens the uterus and  vaginal wall etc..

Yarrow: Yarrow: reduces abdominal cramps, sooth and heals mucous membrane, reduces inflammation etc..

Nettle Leaf: vaginal tissue hydrator, stops bleeding from vaginal tears, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, alleviates pain and itching resulting from hormonal imbalance etc..

Lavender: freshens the vagina, soothe inflamed mucous membranes (inflamed vaginal tissue) , anti-fungal etc..

Comfrey Root: strengthen and soften vaginal tissue, restore vaginal moisture, anti-inflammatory, boost sexual performance etc..

Marshmallow Root: soothes vaginal itching, freshens the vagina, eases vaginal irritation from burning, itching, soothes, and moistens mucous membranes of the vagina etc.. 

Hibiscus:  eases period pain and cramps, rejuvenates the vagina, eases peri-menopause and menopausal systems etc..

Dandelion Root: soothes vaginal dryness, strengthen vaginal walls, increases vaginal lubrication, detoxify tissue etc..

Vaginal Douching: nothing new for most women;  Distilled Water Infused with Healing Herbs is very beneficial for vaginal health. Mix 1 Teaspoon to 8-16 ounces of Warm Distilled Water and it is Perform by Inserting the Douches Bottle into Vagina and Squeezing the bottle to Flush-Out the area. Unused Portion Refrigerate covered and use up to 7 Days only.

Performed Monthly or After Intercourse

Vaginal/Yoni Steaming: boil 2 quarts of Distilled Water in Stainless Steel, Ceramic or Glass Pot (please no aluminum) add 1.1/2 Tablespoon full of EL'S BREW turn down to simmer for 30min to1 hour. Remove from heat and pour into a pot, bucket or steam tub if you own one or (you can purchase it from Online) that can fit in your toilet securely.  Sit on the toilet wide and lean forward so steam can hit the vagina and anus (adjust yourself by parting Butt Cheeks) cover legs with something of your choice to help keep steam in. Steam anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes no more than that. This is a powerful regime. Our Suggestion is to Steam:

Once A Month or After Intercourse.

Remember this is HOT Steam Adjust Heat for your Liking and Safety

EL'S BREW our 8 Natural General and Conditioning Herbal Blend Powerhouse Formulated and Handblended by our Licensed and Trained Herbalist

Keep in a Dry place when Not in Use

We Don't Do Synthetics..... Naturally!!!

Check out our Naturally Anti-microbial Version

Sample size available

Steam and Beyond..... Naturally!!! 

Keep in a Dry place when not in use

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