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We Do.  We've taken Women's Health and Hygiene seriously because we're Women Too. Click SHOP NOW For LIPS FOR LIFE VAGINAL OILS & BALMS.



We also have Sample Sizes for many of our Products; before investing in our Regular Size Products, check out our TIKTOK Shop Store to purchase the Samples (mini). Sized perfectly for your Enjoyment and Wellness, we are Most Confident that you will Love and Appreciate your Selection. Click SHOP NOW For Our ALL PRODUCTS.



Let’s just face it, it is not an easy thing for some women to do.  “Do what?” You ask.  Nonchalantly spread your legs with Mother-Earth and all your bottom-half on full display while you nervously talk about “stuff” to keep “Them” from looking too hard at “Your Stuff” but, you know they have to look and often with the brightest of lights shining right at your Lady Bits. Whether it’s a male or female gynecologist, it’s just plain awkward.

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  • Whysper

    I Love their Morning Glory Body Oil Perfume... very Good Product. Not your Tradtional Fragrance, different yet good. The Glass Amber Bottle with the Metal Roller is smooth. Citrusy, minty and floral. Dragon's Bliss and Sunset Simmer I am coming for you LOL!

  • Christal

    I was one of their first customers back in 2020 and I must say YVJJ has grown. I purchased their Sugar Scrub and my skin loved it, I hope they bring it back. Anyway, YVJJ is the only place I will purchase my Seamoss Capsules from. Uncut and True. Ocean's Harvest for Blood Type B is my go to.... actually my only go to.

  • Sonya

    I was very much skeptical of the website and the products. I had never heard of "Bolus". I looked it up well damn, it's old school. So, I ordered the She-Pop General Conditioning sample bottle and tried it and loved it. I bought the big bottle and use it 2 to 3 days after my period ends just for maintenance. SHE-POP .....POPS...!!!

  • Johnni Ann

    I ordered the King Beast Specialty Body Wash for my husband. He "had" very bad eczema and the dermatologist medication only worked for a few weeks and the eczema would come back but worse. We were desperate so I ordered the 100% Oregano Oil Body Wash and let me tell you Whoa!!! It cleared my hubby's skin, he is fixed and a semi-clean diet helped; mind you, that was the suggestion of YVJJ themselves.


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