What is Anal and Lingam Douche and Steam?


 What is Anal Douching? the act of flushing out the rectum with water.

What is Anal and Lingam (penis) Steaming? Anal and Lingam Steaming is the act of sitting over hot water infused with medicinal herbs as steam and vapor rise up surrounding the anus and penis.

Both Douching and Steaming are ancient forms of detoxifying the sexual organs and how it affect the total body. Yoni and Lingam are Sanskrit words that represent sacred areas of the male and female bodies and the Devine Energy that lies with them.

Both Douching and Steaming allows the Medicinal Herbal Infusion to immediately absorb through the skin reaching the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. A feeling of wellness engulfs the body and mind after routinely performing anyone of these ancient practices.

We would suggest before engaging in Douching or Steaming prepare everything you would need ahead of time. Heated Herbal Infusion, Pot or Steam-Stool, Towel. Soft Music and an Open-Mind.

RELAX AND RELEASE............ Naturally!!!
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