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SISAL EXFOLIATING BATH MITT/S: All Natural for Body Polishing

SISAL EXFOLIATING BATH MITT/S: All Natural for Body Polishing

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's - SISAL BATH MITT/S All-Natural EXFOLIATING, Single or Pair

Sisal Mitt- a natural and stimulating bath mitt derived from the agave cactus family; buffs away ALL dead skin cells that continuously build up on the body. Use with our eleven (11) Body and Yoni Washes which will help the skin's renewal process to release, restore and reveal smoother baby soft skin. 

Sisal Bath Mitt along with our Nutrient-Rich Body Washes are suitable for all skin types; the combination of the mitt and body wash allows for better product absorption and with continuous use your skin will improve in texture and appearance.

Our sisal bath mitt is machine washable and reusable with a built-in loop for convenient drying; use every other day until your body gets use to it. 

How to use: Best used with our Organic Handcrafted Nutrient-Rich and Lusciously Lavish Body Washes NOURISH and KING BEAST Wet skin and mitt generously; in a gentle smooth upward circular motion buff the body.  


 Single (1) or Pair (2) Mitts

Buff away the Old... and show off the New....... Naturally!!!

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