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C-BALANCE: Organic Herbal Yeast w/ Prebiotic Support, 60 V-Caps- 2,310mg

C-BALANCE: Organic Herbal Yeast w/ Prebiotic Support, 60 V-Caps- 2,310mg

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's C-BALANCE: Organic Herbal Yeast w/ Prebiotic Support, 60 V-Caps, 2,310mg


Greek Oregano Leaf, Black Walnut Hull, Dandelion Root, Marshmallow Root, Rosehip, Greek Oregano Oil

C-BALANCE is a Yeast w/ Prebiotic Support, it has Anti-Inflammatory abilities and is an excellent choice to include in your Yeast/Fungal Wellness Plan.

Balance for the Body is Key; it is normal for yeast to be in the body in small amounts in the mouth, intestine, vagina and on the skin. The imbalance happens when the yeast starts to proliferate. 

There can be an Over-Growth of Candida throughout the body, this can happen by taking antibiotics, having diabetes, eating a sugary diet, drinking large amounts of alcohol, taking oral contraceptive, chemicals in our food-supply and although, not an STD Candida can be sexually transmitted.

Candida can cause severe itchiness of the skin, vaginal canal, anal canal, bad breath and an annoying cotton-like feel in the mouth, bloating, vaginal and anal discharge and burning and a whole host of other issues. Candida can release harmful organisms into the bloodstream weaking your immune system.

C-BALANCE is formulated to provide yeast support that encourages a balanced environment of the whole body. The best solution is a holistic approach to restore and rebuild your internal digestive system, vaginal and anal health, and the intestinal gut flora.

Powerful Organic herbs and prebiotics work together to support detoxification and whole-body wellness, Greek Oregano Leaf, Black Walnut Hull, and Dandelion Root are just a few potent herbs that contain natural compounds that support cleansing of harmful yeast and bacteria to bring improvement and balance in your gut flora.

USE: Take 2 capsule Twice a Day on an empty stomach with a Full (8oz) Glass of Clean Water Until Symptoms Clears / Repeat if Needed.

Please use with a Healthy Diet...!!!


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