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EL'S BREW- Organic Herbal Steam/Douche Blend, Handcrafted MILD USE, 4oz.

EL'S BREW- Organic Herbal Steam/Douche Blend, Handcrafted MILD USE, 4oz.

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's - EL's Brew- Organic Herbal Steam/Douche Blend, MILD 4oz.


Red Raspberry Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Nettle, Ginger, Orange Peel, Licorice Root, ChamomileYarrow

MILD Herbs are Best if experiencing Short Menstrual Cycle (27 Days or less) or for those women with a History of Bleeding between periods (Intermenstrual Bleeding) or Spotting, History of two (2) Periods a month, Postpartum Women with Heavy Menstrual and Early Periods after having a baby and for girls thirteen (13) with irregular cycles.

This Blend of Mild Herbs is formulated to improve Bleeding Issues. Short menstrual cycle often means you are bleeding frequently before the 28 days of a regular cycle. Often having two periods a month for some women or fresh spotting often.

The Mild Formula is to extend the monthly cycle to the regular 28 Days. Short cycles, intermenstrual bleeding and so on overwork the uterus causing a sluggish/stagnant period although you are bleeding often the uterus is not operating at its optimum ability.

This blood tonic and Qi builder is designed to help build and strengthen the uterus and impart nutrient-rich herbs that are Mild/Gentle enough for girls 13 and up. 

Red Raspberry:  mild astringent tones and strengthens the uterus and vaginal wall etc... 

Rosemary: disinfectant and freshen, soothes vaginal itching, stops vaginal spasms, freshens the vagina, eases vaginal irritation from burning, itching etc...

Nettle: blood tonic/builder, tones and nourish uterus, decrease heavy blood-flow, improve cell growth, (NOTE): Do Not use Formula if taking Heart, High Blood Pressure, Blood Thinners or Diabetes Medications. 

Ginger: warming, aids in digestion and body qi movement 

Orange Peel: natural vaginal deodorizer

Licorice Root: moisten and coats the vaginal lining, improves digestive issues, improves body qi etc... 

Chamomile: improves and soothes inflammation, soothes vaginal nerve endings, cooling to the body, soothes vaginal trauma, may improve symptoms of vaginitis however more research is needed, relaxes the uterus, improves cell growth etc...

Yarrow: regulates monthly cycle, improves blood circulation to reproductive organs, helps with bleeding issues, shrinks the blood vessels that causes extra and unwanted bleeding/ spotting etc... 

EL'S BREW our MILD 8 Herbal Blend Powerhouse Formulated and Hand-blended by our Licensed and Trained Herbalist


Comes with Easy-to-Follow instructions

Sample size available

Steam and Beyond..... Naturally!!! 

Keep in a Dry Place when Not in Use

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