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HE-POP: Organic Herbal Anal Bolus: For Him- General/Conditioning Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg

HE-POP: Organic Herbal Anal Bolus: For Him- General/Conditioning Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's He-Pop: Herbal Anal Bolus Natural, Organic, Handcrafted and Handblended 1,260mg


Red Raspberry Leaf, Burdock Root, Chamomile, Calendula, Nettle, Yarrow, Oat Straw, Horsetail

Herbal Boluses/Suppositories are very beneficial for Rectum and Anal Health. Herbs have been used to treat rectum/anal issues for centuries. Naturally and instinctively the anus will tighten if stimulated and often when penetrated it may cause pain, bleeding, swelling and/or tears (anal fissures) if not relaxed.

Penetrating the anus may cause several concerns because the natural mucus membrane (lining) of the rectum is relatively insensitive to pain. However, the nerves of the anus and surrounding skin are very sensitive to pain. Although the rectum is relatively insensitive to pain the lining that extends to the anus is very thin and delicate. It is made of the same tissue that lines the mouth and the vagina.

It is important to keep the rectum walls strong and healthy; just like the vagina needs to be cared for before problem occurs. Anal tears are painful, and they can continue to hard to heal making it susceptible to infections if not treated properly.

Youthful-Va-Jayjay's herbal Anal Bolus General/Conditioning Formula was design for Men to maintain a Healthy Rectum and Anus. Herbs are ancient, herbs are healing, herbs are nutrient-rich benefiting the rectum and anal walls. This general/conditioning Ten (10) herbal formula includes:

Red Raspberry: used to tone, condition and strengthen the rectum and anal wall etc..

Burdock Root: purifies the blood, increases secretion, and feeds anal tissue. etc..

Chamomile: soothe and relaxes irritated anal tissue, promotes body relaxation. etc..

Calendula: offers profound support in promoting healthy tissue repair etc..

Nettle Leaf: improves and hydrates the health of mucus membrane lining, support prostate health. etc..

Yarrow: heals and sooth mucus membrane of the anal, flushes excess mucous from the intestine tract etc..

Oat Straw; increases libido, strengthens blood vessels; increases lubrication etc..

Horsetail: relaxes muscles, repairs tissue, also tones anal and rectum; support prostate health etc..

Cucumber Seed Oil: high in tocopherol (vitamin E) fights free-radical, boost collagen increasing anal suppleness and fullness.

Coco Butter: the original oil used for herbal boluses without the capsule for many years. Used as a lubricant and moisturizer for men suffering with anal issues.

Please use with a Healthy Diet...!!!

Keep in Refrigerator When Not in Use.

We Don't Do Synthetics.... Naturally!!!

Use to Condition and Maintain Anal Health and Douche with JOHN'S BREW to remove any residue.

NOTE: If Irritation Occur Stop Use

Go Beyond the Steam..... Naturally!!!


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