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JOHN'S BREW- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend: For Him, Handcrafted, General Conditioning 4oz.

JOHN'S BREW- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend: For Him, Handcrafted, General Conditioning 4oz.

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's- John's Brew- Organic Herbal Douche/Steam Blend, 4oz.  General Conditioning: For Anal and Lingam Douching and Steaming 


Red Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow, Nettle, Horsetail, Oat-Straw, Aloe Vera Powder, Orange Peel, Burdock Root 

Yes, Men can Anal and Lingam (penis) Steam/Douche.  As a matter of fact, douching and steaming are very beneficial and healing for men. Douching puts the Medicinal Herbs directly in the sacred area and Steaming wraps the Medicinal Steam and Vapor to both the Anal and Lingam areas. If you want to maintain General Health care for the prostate, rectum, anus, and penis than our JOHN'S BREW General Conditioning is for you.

Whether you choose to Douche or Steam it will help with detoxing, cleansing, strengthening, reducing inflammation, relaxing muscle tension, total (body and mind) relaxation and steaming also improves skin texture on your bottom half as well as stimulating natural self-healing.

Our Douche and Steams are Organic, Preservative-free Hand-blended and Handcrafted by our Trained and Licensed Herbalist. The General /Conditioning Formula contains essential healing and nutrient-rich herbs achieved through Douching/Enema and Steaming; Our Formula consist of: 

Red Raspberry Leaf:  mild astringent anal and penis toner and strengthener etc...

Aloe Vera: maintain moisture for supple body tissue, anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing, aloe vera will also promote and improve the intestinal tract etc...

Burdock Root: aids in the elimination of calcium deposit, purifies the blood, anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation, anti-bacterial etc...

Nettle: improves prostate health, stops anal bleeding, also anti-inflammatory, improves anal tears etc...

Yarrow: reduces abdominal cramps, sooth and heals mucous membrane, reduces inflammation etc...

Horsetail: repairs internal tissue and collagen, tighten body tissue, reduces anal bleeding, improves buttocks and penis skin when steaming etc...

Oat Straw: male libido booster, promote blood circulation throughout the body, soothe inflammation etc... 

Both methods are super easy and comforting:

Anal Douching: I know you have heard of Enemas well, it's the same thing except the Distilled Water is Infused with Healing Herbs. Mix 1 teaspoon to 8-16 ounces of Boiling Distilled Water strain and cool to Lukewarm. Douching is Perform by Inserting, squeezing bottle of liquid into anus and holding the fluid in the Anus/Rectum for about 5-20 minutes before Releasing it in the toilet. You can Warm the water or leave it Room Temperature. Unused Portion Refrigerate covered and use up to 5 Days only. Suggested Use: Once a month or After Intercourse Anal Steaming receive benefits while vaginal steaming women realized their anuses were benefiting from the steam as well; thus, anal steaming was reinstated into the process.

For Steaming: boil 2 quarts of Distilled Water in Stainless Steel, Ceramic or Glass Pot (please no aluminum) add 1.1/2 Tablespoon Full of John's Brew. Turn down to simmer for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and pour into a pot, bucket, or steam tub (if you own one or you can purchase it online) that can fit in your toilet.  Sit on the toilet wide and lean forward so steam can hit anus (adjust yourself by parting butt cheeks) cover legs with something of your choice to help keep steam in. Your choice to steam anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, no more than that. This is a powerful regime. Our Suggested Use: Once or Twice a Month

This Formula is for General Conditioning it really depends on how Active you are.

Remember this is HOT Steam; Adjust heat for your Liking and Safety

JOHN'S BREW General Conditioning our 7 Herb Blend Powerhouse Formulated and Hand-blended by our Licensed and Trained Herbalist

Keep in a Dry place when Not in Use


We Don't Do Synthetics.... Naturally!!!

Sample size available

Steam and Beyond.... Naturally!!!


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