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P-STATE: Herbal Prostate & Urinary Support FOR HIM, 60 V-Caps 4,900mg

P-STATE: Herbal Prostate & Urinary Support FOR HIM, 60 V-Caps 4,900mg

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's P-STATE: Organic and Wildcrafted* Herbal Prostate & Urinary Support For Him 60 V-Caps 4,900mg


Sea Moss Gracilaria*, Nettle Root, Marshmallow Root, Greeek Oregano Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cranberry Powder, Pineapple Powder, Cayenne Powder, Greek Oregano Oil, Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses

P-STATE is a Prostate & Urinary Support, it has Anti-Inflammatory abilities and is an excellent choice to include in your Prostate Wellness Plan.

Restore Vitality with P-STATE.

Formulated with Nine (9) impressive Herbs, a Powerful Essential Oil, and the Wildcrafted Powerhouse Jamaican Sea Moss Gracilaria* a natural prebiotic.

The Prostate is a Key part of the Male Reproductive System, it is about the size of a shelled walnut. It is located just under the Bladder and in front of the Rectum. The Urethra run through the middle of it causing the urethra to narrow and urinating difficulties ensue. It is very important to maintain a healthy Prostate through eating the right foods and supplementing with Natural Herbs. Herbs that work with the body and Prostate, not against them and with no negative side-effects.

Yes, We Do Him...!!! Prostate Health is important to us here at Youthful-VA-Jayjay.

As some men age the Prostate may start to grow again causing an enlargement/swollen Prostate. The enlargement is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH causing frequent urination, weak stream during urinating, trouble with starting to urinate and the getting up in the middle of the night to urinate often. BPH can become painful. 

P-State provides support for Prostate and over-all body wellness. P-State formulated with Nettle Root shown to reduce prostate enlargement and night-time urination, Greek Oregano Leaf with its powerful anti-inflammation and natural antibacterial abilities, Red Raspberry Leaf one of the best reproductive tonics for both men and women will support and strengthen the prostate. We also included Cranberry Powder which as be shown to help relieve lower urinary tract symptoms by its ability to stop the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract and Cayenne Pepper the great facilitator and catalyst moving all nine (9) impressive herbs, essential oil, and sea moss Gracilaria* into beneficial action. 

USE: Take 1 or 2 capsule Daily in the Moring on an empty stomach with a Full (8oz) glass of Clean Water. One Month On, Two (2) Weeks Off, Repeat until symptoms /condition clears/improves.

Please use with a Healthy Diet...!!!


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