SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus- Antimicrobial Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg
SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus- Antimicrobial Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg
SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus- Antimicrobial Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg
SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus- Antimicrobial Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg

SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus- Antimicrobial Use, 30 capsules- 1,260 mg

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Youthful-VA-Jayjay's She-Pop: Herbal Vaginal Bolus Natural, Organic,  Handcrafted and Handblended 1,260mg


Red Raspberry Leaf, Witch Hazel Bark, Yellow Dock Root, Marshmallow Root, Calendula, Mullein, Tea Tree Oil

The natural and healthy pH of the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5. It can have different scents and odors depending on the time of month as well as diet and lifestyle activities.

A healthy vagina has a natural slightly earthy pleasant scent, an unhealthy vagina may have a foul odor. Douching with herbs is ancient, using herbs for vaginal health is ancient. Why did women move away from this practice, we have no idea but, in many families women continue the age-old practice?

When a vagina is healthy and clean you can feel it and smell it. It is alive. Earthy, a pleasant light musk. The vagina is an internal body part and like all body parts it must be cleansed and cared for. The notion that the vagina is self-cleaning is foreign to us at Youthful-VA-Jayjay. It is our belief that douching with clean water infused with healing herbs feeds the vagina the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Hence,  SHE-POP our Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus and EL's BREW, our Organic Herbal Healing Douche Tonic Blend. Both of our products are Handcrafted and Handblended by our Trained and Licensed Herbalist.

Use if suffering with Irritation such as Burning, Itching, Strong (fish) Odor, Smelly Discharge. Insert One (1) Bolus into the Vagina as far as it can go Twice a Day until Irritation Stops. Douche or Steam with EL'S BREW to remove and release any old Residue.

SHE-POP our Anti-Microbial Vaginal Bolus (mass of herbs), infuses nutrient rich Organic Coconut Oil with Calendula while pairing with healing skin and tissue rich herbs:

Calendula Flower: hydrates, nourishes and heals the deep folds of the vagina while stimulating new vaginal skin cell growth.

Tea Tree oil: acts as an antimicrobial eliminator allowing the good bacteria to grow; also eliminates itching and burning.

Red Raspberry Leaf: acts as a uterine and muscle toner, it strengthen the uterus and decreases vaginal tissue stretching.

Marshmallow Root: act as a moisturizer, it coats and soothes the folds of inflamed vaginal tissue.

Witch Hazel Bark:  vagina tightener and infection fighter, shrinks swollen inflamed vaginal tissue, Able to kill over-growth of both bacteria and yeast.

Yellow Dock Root: naturally balance hormones, use as a uterine tonic for menstrual bleeding, keeps the lining of the vagina moist by feeding the mucus membrane with nutrients and a natural antibiotic for UTI's and yeast infections.

Mullein Leaf: also an infection fighter and soothes and coat inflamed vaginal and bottom of cervix tissue, helps remove excessive mucus from the body.

The above herbal botanicals offer much more healing benefits for the entire body, we only focused on a bit of what it does for vaginal health.

Traditionally, herbs have been used by women for cleansing, healing and maintaining a healthy vaginal pH and reproductive system (the vagina, uterus and cervix). 

Youthful-VA-Jayjay continues that tradition with SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus. 

Our SHE-POP: Organic Herbal Vaginal Bolus is NOT Mass Produced But Hand-Blended and Handcrafted in small Batches by our Trained and Licensed Herbalist.

Please use with a Healthy Diet...!!!

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